It is a blessing to offer these gifts to you.
May you feel the loving energy in which they were co-created with my team in spirit.

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The Awakened Way App

Daily Way messages, channeling sessions, videos, meditations, tools … all at your fingertips!

“I love having immediate access to all of (Spirit’s) wisdom and re-reading (my favorites) without having to rummage through my files. This is a wonderful app!” Jan B.

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Along with wisdom, inspiration, and lessons from the other side, Suzanne’s free e-book, “Awakening” contains a fascinating description of the afterlife that was given to Suzanne by her guides in spirit.

Mastering Meditation

Mastering Meditation does not have to be complicated or time consuming, Suzanne shares her own experience, advice from her guides in spirit and many tools to help you get started with or expand your meditation practice.


Messages Of Hope

Messages of Hope Booklet of Poems. The first year of daily messages from Suzanne’s guides were in the form of poems. A selection were brought together in a printed booklet. The original booklet is out of print.

Who Am I?

The answers to “Who Am I?” are selected daily messages from Sanaya and wisdom shared from Sanaya in channeling sessions.
May you feel my gratitude and love as Sanaya takes you back to the knowing of who you are.

There’s Only Here

Enjoy these messages from Suzanne’s spirit guides known as Sanaya. Each message reflects the words given to Suzanne by her dear friend (and now mediumship guide in spirit) Brenda Bollman Baker.  When Brenda came to Suzanne soon after crossing to the other side she exclaimed, “There’s Only Here!”

Meditation Gifts

Powerful New Year Meditation

Although Suzanne created this meditation for the new year in 2023, it is powerful to use for any “new day”. See yourself from the Soul’s perspective and expand to an upgraded version of yourself.


“BLESS ME” is a memory device in which each of the seven letters represents a specific stage of this simple meditative process. Each step flows seamlessly from one to the next. In the video below, Suzanne explains the BLESS ME method.  This is not a guided meditation, but a process for you to use with any meditation.

“I AM” Meditation

Join Suzanne and her guides and let them take you directly to the “I AM” … to Source, God, Love … where THIS is, has always been and will be forever. Once you touch this place, you will know and have the skills to practice on your own and ultimately find inner peace and connection.

SIP of the Divine

Suzanne shares a stunningly simple new method for training the mind to be still and connect to spirit at the same time. This tool was recently given to Suzanne by her guides in spirit. Watch now to find out why it is “SIP” and how it provides answers and peace in 3 minutes. You will be amazed and ready to make a “SIP of the Divine” your new daily habit.

10-Minute Transformation

A guided experience of “sitting in the Power” to balance the seven main energy centers. The result is increased energy and an improved sense of well-being.

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Journey of Remembrance

Feel the freedom from fear as Suzanne’s advanced teachers in spirit – a group called Sanaya, take your hand and walk you through “The Sacred Seven” innate aspects of your soul. The exquisite vibrations and tones lead to long-forgotten memories of your eternal existence, helping you to step fully into the power that is your birthright.


Journey of Consciousness

Enjoy this inspired journey as you are led to the memory of who you really are as part of All That Is. Feel the incredible energy of peace and knowing as you are taken to the place of Oneness that is always within.

Radiant Heart

A powerful and healing meditation, taken from Suzanne’s book, Wolf’s Message, designed to bring you to a state of peace, balance, and alignment with the higher self.

Music credit: © ℗ 2015 James Oliver – All Rights Reserved

Making The Connection

A 20-minute session to connect with higher consciousness and enjoy the experience of divine love while in a state of expanded awareness. You are invited to take a question into this state of communion and ask it as guided.

Music credit: © ℗ 2015 James Oliver – All Rights Reserved

Heart Centered Meditation Tool

Enjoy this meditation tool designed by Suzanne Giesemann and animated with the assistance of producer Chris Lavelle of North Island Media. The tool is silent. You may meditate in silence with it, or use any meditation you wish.