Enjoy the wisdom, inspiration, evidence, and joy in this collection of videos.

Messages of Hope

Enjoy this documentary of the unexpected career change of Navy Commander Suzanne Giesemann to her current work as an evidential medium. “This true story is perfect for people in our lives who don’t understand our interest in mediumship or the afterlife.

Keynote Address: IANDS 2019

International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) Keynote Address 2019. Come along with Suzanne Giesemann and a multi-dimensional cast of characters for a mind-expanding examination of what is possible when you step outside the box.

Heart Gifts

Enjoy the mysteries unraveled as Suzanne shares the story of her communication with an advanced soul known as Wolf. Wolf gives us the keys that form the foundation of The Awakened Way℠ – a path to knowing who you are and why you are here.

The Afterlife is Real . . . I Guarantee It

The afterlife is real? Can you prove it? Yes! Suzanne Giesemann provides true story after true story with evidence that life never ends. As a verified evidential medium, she has done thousands of readings and connected with souls who provide evidence that they not only are REAL, but they remain connected to friends and family.

The Limitless Soul

Suzanne is often asked questions about reincarnation and she turns to her spirit team for answers. In this video produced by Unity Radio Online, Suzanne shares the understanding of reincarnation that she received directly from her guides in spirit.

Irene’s Healing

A mother receives messages of hope from her deceased daughter and an unexpected healing. Thank you, Irene Vouvalides, for allowing me to share this beautiful gift from Spirit.

What’s Love Got to do with It?

What’s Love Got To Do With It? What happened when two ladies saw an archangel standing behind medium Suzanne Giesemann? She tells the story when she shares a message of love at Unity Village Chapel in April 2019.

Purpose Filled to the Very Last Breath

A special channeled message for those feeling discouraged by physical or emotional challenges. It applies to all who feel frustrated by the strong desire to go “Home” and don’t understand why they are still here.

What’s the Point of All of This?

Enjoy this Q&A session as Suzanne’s team of spirit guides answer questions submitted by viewers. Answers to “What IS the point of all of this?” and much more.

Continuing the Dialogue with Loved Ones Across the Veil – Ancestral Healing Summit 2020

Ancestral Healing Summit was hosted by The Shift Network. Enjoy Suzanne’s evidence from across the veil as she describes the conversations and connections with those who have passed.

Still Right Here

When you notice the signs, you come to know that loved ones who pass are still very much with us. For more about “Still Right Here” the book, visit www.StillRightHere.com

The Miracle of Christ Consciousness

Suzanne shared this heart-felt and important message about our oneness with All That Is when she served as guest speaker at First Unity of St. Petersburg, FL, on December 1, 2013.

Life to Afterlife Documentaries on Prime Video

Two documentaries produced by Craig McMahon are available on Amazon Prime. Several well-known and respected mediums, including Suzanne, appear in “Life to Afterlife: I Died, Now What?” to discuss questions such as what happens and where do we go when we die. “Life to Afterlife: Mom, Can You Hear Me?” features 17 parents and a selection of verified mediums. The parents tell us how they put their lives back together after the passing of their children and how they now communicate with their children on the other side.