"What an amazing experience these couple of hours have been. Pure magic. I am filled with such deep gratitude!"

– K.L.

A “Tail” of Transformation

How to Turn Your Trials into Triumph and Move from Fear to Freedom

"I am in awe of this presentation. Simply amazing. Thank you so so much Suzanne! What a beautiful soul you are. You touched my soul."

– R.C.

The original live-online two-hour workshop was held as a charity event and resulted in a wonderful donation to Homes for Our Troops. The workshop recording is now available for purchase through the order form below. Proceeds will be used to fund web expenses for future charity events.

ty with snake

Lessons come in the most magical ways when we have the eyes to see!

  • Do you want to be the clearest possible instrument for connecting with Higher Consciousness?
  • Do you want to live from soul-joy instead of human conditioning?
  • Would you like to turn old wounds into the soul’s badges of glory?
  • Are you ready to hear some knock-your-socks off miracles from the spirit world, showing that lessons come in the most magical ways when we have the eyes to see?

Feel the awe as Suzanne shares her jaw-dropping experiences in the days before the workshop that reveal important lessons about the Universal Christ Consciousness that is our very essence.

"So grateful for this amazing remembrance. There are no words."

– J.H.

We can all use more empowering ways to understand and deal with our fears, Suzanne brings answers to us in this updated inspired and inspirational, high-energy workshop.

With her signature joy and passion, Suzanne shares a series of remarkable “No Other Explanation” events in which special messengers from the animal kingdom and the spirit world led to remarkable insights about overcoming human conditioning and allowing the soul to shine.

  • Learn a stunningly simple technique to reduce hyper-vigilance and reactivity after fearful events
  • Practice a proven method for accessing guidance from within as Suzanne leads you through a meditation to identify an issue that needs healing


“Shedding Your Skin” Video


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