A Path to Knowing Who You Are and Why You’re Here.
The Awakened Way℠ is not a system, not a process, not a religion. It is an awakened approach to living a consciously connected and divinely guided life.

The Awakened Way is Built Upon Three Basic Truths

  • You are not only human.
  • You are part of one big web connecting all that is.
  • The creative and healing Force of the universe is Love.

When you live The Awakened Way, you come to know that you are already whole and complete at the level of the soul. The more you allow your True Nature to shine through your human role, the more you fulfill your purpose and experience peace, love, and Joy moment by moment.

The Keys to Finding Peace, Tranquility, and Freedom:

  • Realize who you are.
    Who are you?  Despite appearances, you are not an independent being, but the interdependent manifestation of a shared Consciousness that is infinitely intelligent, creative, and self-aware.  As such, you do not operate apart from other, but as a direct part of a Power far greater than yourself.
  • Balance your head with your heart.
    As humans, we need to think, but when we balance thinking with feeling & knowing, we access higher wisdom.
  • Rise above the duality and observe.
    When the drama of this “Earth School” gets to be too much, shift your identification to that of your True Nature, which is pure BE-ing. From this deeper neutral perspective, you can make wiser choices when you re-assume your story.
  • Spend time with your Highest Self.
    The best way to get to know who you really are is to establish a regular practice of Presence and connecting with Higher Consciousness.
  • Make the highest choices.
    You do this by following the Higher Self/inner light’s guidance through the heart. Give each choice the “heart test”.

The Awakened Way℠

  • A conscious and committed way of living up to our soul’s full potential
  • An approach to life that brings us into alignment with our True Nature, that acknowledges and celebrates Who we really are and why we’re here
  • A path to a love-centered life with specific steps, processes, and a philosophy, yet it is not rigid or dogmatic

The Three E’s

  • Educate yourself about life beyond the physical
  • Experience the greater reality for yourself
  • Engage with metaphysical beings yourself

The Daily Way℠

  • Suzanne’s guides, Sanaya, have provided a treasury of wisdom of how to live with greater peace, joy, and emotional freedom.
  • You can find thousands of “The Daily Way℠” messages and special extended communications with Suzanne and Sanaya by clicking on “The Daily Way” under the “Connections”.

Sanaya recently shared a stunning new perspective on oneness.
Our English language sometimes gets in the way of our understanding.  Hear an explanation of our connection to the Divine and to each other directly from the spirit realm. This is life-changing.

What is my first step?

We each start where we are on this path. There is no prerequisite. No two paths are identical. But more and more people are coming to understand that Consciousness does not reside in or depend upon the brain. Science is catching up to what sages have shared throughout the ages. These Truths are encapsulated in The Awakened Way. To embrace them is to practice what Suzanne calls “21st Century Spirituality.”

Suzanne’s “Ten-Minute Transformation” and her guided session of “Making the Connection” have proven to be powerful starting points (and strengthening points) for The Awakened Way℠. One of the best ways to learn “Who you are and why you’re here” and to align with those in the spirit realms is by regularly doing these sessions, This practice is transformational. Click on the links below and enjoy the guidance from Suzanne and her spirit team.

The Awakened Way resources include classes, retreats, workshops, information, and personal coaching in the fields of personal awareness, personal development, self-awareness, self improvement, meditation training, and much more.

Suzanne Will Propel Your Journey to New Heights

Suzanne ignites and expands our conception of what it means to live a successful modern day life. Far more than material, career, and relationship success, Suzanne shows us how to achieve a state of knowing there is so much more to even the happiest of lives, and for those who struggle, her work is a promising beacon of hope.

As a vibrant example of what it is to live a fully and consciously guided life, Suzanne offers effective, simple teachings and techniques to bring us all to that same sacred state of being, where joy is a constant companion and even the most difficult challenges can be faced with grace and serenity.

We are more than our work, our children, our families, and our communities. Tapping into that awareness … that certainty … has the potential to change everything in the most divine ways. Suzanne’s work shows us how to live in awareness of the magical snags in the tapestry of life and how we can pull these threads to reveal our interconnectedness with all that is.

You, Awakened!

You’re on the spiritual path. You know there’s more than “this.”

You want to feel connected to others and to something other than this physical world.

You want to be successful, happy, peaceful, and live a life filled with joy.

You’ve been to the workshops, attended the seminars, and read the books.  All that inspiration feels and sounds good, and then it’s back to “the real world” with the same old stress and the same “it doesn’t work” loop playing in your head.

You are not the problem!  You are whole and complete already!  Albert Einstein hit the nail on the head when he said:

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

How are You, Awakened?

You have a sense of humor and don’t take yourself too seriously!

YES - sunglassesYou navigate the world and its complexities with ease, comfort, and grace.  Your mind is open, viewing the world from a place of love, curiosity, and passion. Relationships are experienced as an enhancement to your life regardless of their nature. Your heart is open, seeing yourself and all others from a place of compassion, kindness, and love. You are innately magnificent and you know it, shining your beautiful light into a world in need of hope and encouragement.


Why Travel this Path with Suzanne?

In both her military career and her work as a visionary way-shower,  Suzanne has learned to guide others in a way that few women do.  As a commanding officer and aide to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, she influenced decision-making at a global level. A woman of great integrity and passion, she touches the lives of tens of thousands on a daily basis with words of inspiration and guidance. Her heartfelt certainty that we can all live the life of The Awakened Way is supported by the superlative testimonials of those who have shared space with her.

Her explanation of our interconnectedness and the web of consciousness is insightful and backed up by her experiences in the evidence-based connection with higher consciousness she enjoys. Countless followers report lives utterly transformed by her work. Whether reading her books, attending workshops, conferences, mentoring, or retreats, Suzanne inspires and comforts, assures and promises that life can be magical despite outward circumstances.

Suzanne acts as a kind of tuning fork, bringing all who hear her into greater resonance with who we really are: human and spirit, heart and soul. Unleash your own magnificence and shine onto the world.

"Suzanne is described as '...such a bright light in this world that people can't help but be drawn to it'. Right on - spiritually and intellectually stimulating and in the top tier of World Class speakers”