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Whether you are new to the journey of mediumship or an experienced medium, it’s not just something you turn to occasionally — it’s a way of life. On March 2nd in partnership with The Shift Network, Suzanne will share mediumship mindset insights and tools that she’s learned and fine-tuned over the past 17 years.  Learn how to cultivate and refine the mediumship mindset by identifying with yourself as a soul and making this perspective the foundation of how you approach life.

During the free video event, highlights of Suzanne’s new advanced mediumship course, “Mastering the Mediumship Mindset: Supercharge Your Evidential Mediumship Skills to Trust Yourself to Effortlessly Connect With Spirit,” will be presented.

If you are already having positive experiences doing readings and want to improve further- learn how the mediumship mindset results in more amazing pieces of evidence and clearer messages from Spirit.  Regardless of whether you are working as a medium or not, join Suzanne to learn more about how your spirit guides stand ready to help you at all times.

When you live life from a mediumship mindset you naturally expect progressively better things to unfold in your life.

  • The negative, limited mindset most people absorb from our culture
  • How the mediumship mindset can improve your readings as a medium and become your new way of life
  • Suzanne’s  High-Vibration Energy Diffuser, a guided visualization in which you’ll picture yourself infused with all the qualities you desire in your new mindset
  • How to identify with yourself as a soul and turn this into your daily perspective
  • How the spiritual concepts of allowing and flow create a good reading and a more joyful life

This video event is FREE, but you need to register to receive a link to sign in.  If you can’t make the live session, no problem. Everyone registered receives a link to the recording after the session is held.  

Suzanne will share highlights of her new course. Her guides in spirit have been working overtime to provide content for this exciting one-of-a-kind course. When you join her on March 2nd, you’ll leave behind a limited, ordinary mindset and embrace a mediumship mindset that allows for consistent communication with spirits beyond the veil as a path to spiritual growth.

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