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Alex Ferrari’s lifetime successes in film, publishing, and more, are notable. Yet even while pursuing commercial success, Alex always asked the big questions: Why are we here? Is this all there is? What is my soul’s mission in this life? He developed Next Level Soul to help people worldwide get closer to their higher power and look inward for the answers they are searching for.
Suzanne has been on Alex’s top rated podcast a number of times, discussing a host of topics related to the afterlife and continuity of consciousness. This will be the first time he joins her on Messages of Hope.  It will be a fascinating interview!!

Join Suzanne and Alex LIVE  or watch the RECORDING later on Facebook or YouTube.

You can listen to past Messages of Hope podcasts on any of the major online players.  Enjoy this wonderful collection of inspirational and informative shows!  Videos of past shows are found on Suzanne’s YouTube Channel.


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