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Join me this Thursday at 4 pm EST (3 CST, 2 MST, 1 PST) for Messages of Hope on Unity Online Radio.

This week, my guest will be Dr. Tony Cicoria. When lightning knocked orthopedic surgeon Tony Cicoria to the ground, he experienced a separation from his body. Rising up, “the most glorious feeling” was interrupted when he was slammed back into his body. Surprisingly, he walked away with only minimal physical effects, certainly a miracle in itself. But then, “like a bolt from the blue,” there was stunning, endless music. An irresistible obsession with music filled Tony’s mind and occupied him in ways that were entirely foreign to his life before that lightning strike. It’s a stunning account of not only surviving death, but tapping into the One state of being in which *all* information exists. It’s sure to be a great conversation with this now-musical miracle man.


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