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A Course for Non-Mediums
… and mediums who want to truly, finally, deeply understand oneness and why connecting across the veil is possible.

Do you want to connect with your own loved ones and guides, but you have no intention of being a medium or ever doing readings? This class with Suzanne Giesemann is for you! “Personal Mediumship” is Suzanne’s term for connecting across the veil for yourself – for your own sense of connection and your own soul’s growth.

Note: If you want a course that includes lessons and tools for doing mediumship for others, please see the details for “Serving Spirit Level One” taught on January 13-14, 2023.

  • Your loved ones who have passed are right here. Learn what it takes to connect with them. Your guides would love to have a closer relationship with you. Learn how!
  • You will go beyond theory and learn the tools to have the personal experience of knowing life is eternal and that love never dies.
  • Feel the Power that underlies the teaching that comes straight from the spirit world.
  • Suzanne will be joined by her co-teacher from the other side, Brenda. Brenda will bring you firsthand knowledge and insights from the spirit realms as she pops in to help Suzanne throughout the weekend.
  • As with any of Suzanne’s workshops, the teaching is backed up with inspiring evidence from actual connections with guides and loved ones across the veil and clever analogies to make challenging topics easily comprehensible.

Both courses have a goal of making specific soul-to-soul connections with loved ones, guides, and other spiritual beings. They contain many of the same lessons and exercises.

Personal Mediumship Plus focuses on personal connections. It does not focus on the many special dynamics of sitting with others for one-on-one readings or doing group sessions.

Serving Spirit Level One focuses not only on personal connections but also on connections in readings or group sessions for others. The class will include practice readings.

  • You do not intend to do readings for other people
  • You have a longing to connect with loved ones who have passed
  • You want to establish a closer relationship with your spirit guides
  • You want to have a personal experience of the greater reality
  • You have a strong desire to learn about the spirit world and your true nature
  • You want to develop your intuitive abilities
  • You want a deeper understanding of your True Nature and how you fit into the Greater Reality

No prior experience connecting with Higher Consciousness is necessary!

“Of all the classes I have taken in the past three years from many a medium, this is the first time it all clicks together.”-S.S.

Schedule for both days:

9:00am Morning Session
12:00pm Lunch On Your Own
1:30pm Afternoon Session
4:30pm Close

“Your ability to explain complex spiritual concepts to left-brain dominant individuals in a relatable and logical manner is astonishing.” S.P.


Mystic, Medium, Teacher of The Awakened Way

Suzanne Giesemann is a spiritual teacher, author, and verified medium who has been recognized on the Watkins’ list of the 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People. A former Navy Commander with a master’s degree in National Security Affairs, she served as a commanding officer and aide to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Suzanne now shares The Awakened Way®, a path to living a consciously connected and divinely guided life.

Author and spiritual teacher, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer said of Suzanne, “I have had sessions with Suzanne, and I genuinely respect and admire her skills. She will touch you from a God-realized place so pay attention.” As many recent students have testified … paying attention is easy when Suzanne is teaching!

Suzanne has authored thirteen books, six best-selling Hemi-Sync recordings, and hosts a YouTube channel with over 108,000 subscribers and millions of views each year. She produces the Daily Way inspirational messages, the Awakened Way app, and hosts the top-ranking Messages of Hope podcast. Her memoir by the same name was made into an award-winning documentary that is available on Amazon Prime and YouTube.

Suzanne serves on the faculty for two global online teaching platforms, The Shift Network and Humanity’s Team. She is honored with membership in the Evolutionary Leaders Circle, a group of thought leaders from diverse disciplines invited to help support a shift in consciousness.

Suzanne is known for her joyful, down-to-earth style of making deep spiritual concepts easy to understand. She laces her teaching with evidence-filled stories of the greater reality and practical tools that produce the personal experience of our multidimensional nature.

Her messages bring hope and healing that go straight to the heart.

Beautiful Embassy Suites in Historic Savannah

Embassy Suites by Hilton – Historic District
605 West Oglethorpe Ave
Savannah, GA 31401

Enjoy the beautiful location for our course in the heart of Savannah’s Historical District within walking distance to all downtown attractions including shopping, dining, theatre, history, and art. Hotel guests receive a free cooked-to-order breakfast and drinks at a complimentary evening reception. There is an on-site restaurant, fitness center, and free wi-fi.

NOTE:  As of 12/27/2023 we have 5 more queen rooms at the special rate.  Please call this number to reserve one of these rooms: 912-721-6900. Let them know you are with the Suzanne Giesemann Personal Mediumship Plus event.  The new deadline for these reservations is January 2, 2024.

There is a special room rate for attendees of $209 per night (one king bed) and $219 per night (two queen beds). The last day to make reservations under the group rate is December 7, 2023.

Note: Because this is a very busy time of the year for Savannah, we were not able to get the special room rate for dates before January 5 or after January 6.  We suggest you check a site like https: www.hotels.com or  www.tripadvisor.com or

Refund Policy: Refunds prior to midnight on December 5, 2023, will be the full amount minus a $30 processing fee. There are no refunds starting December 6, 2023.



You are so very loved.

Welcome to this loving community of kindred spirits. Join us each month for The Monthly Connection webinars and more opportunities to live The Awakened Way.

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