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NOTE:  YOU CAN SIGN UP AND RECEIVE THE RECORDING.  The live session was held on February 7, 2023.  This registration remains open until noon on February 9, 2023 and anyone signing up at this time will receive a private link to the recording with unlimited viewing.

The Same Awareness That Leads to Connecting Across the Veil Can Lead to Self-Healing

Suzanne recently had a series of bad side-effects from some over-the-counter medications that most people tolerate quite well. It took a visit from Jesus for her to see the absolute GIFT in the whole experience.

The Masters want you to raise your consciousness. They will send you miraculous signs that they are here to help you if you have eyes to see and connect the dots.

We will change the regular format and enjoy a mini-workshop: HEALING MESSAGES FROM THE HEART OF THE UNIVERSE

The great news is: You can experience healing on multiple levels (and also connect more clearly across the veil) when you have the ears to hear and the faith to apply the wisdom your soul already knows.

Included in this online event is a powerful guided meditation to personally experience your multidimensional nature and take you to new heights.

You will come to not just believe but KNOW that communication with those in the non-physical realms is possible.

Each Monthly Connection webinar is stand-alone.  There is no prerequisite and you may sign up for one or any number of the sessions.  The online sessions are through Zoom and you can access them on your computer, tablet, or phone.

Two hours of Suzanne with unlimited access to the recording.  Don’t miss this!

Price per session is $25.00.  All sessions start at 8 p.m. ET

You can ignore the receipt you get with a link to the webinar.  Instead, you will get an email directly from my assistant, Bev, with a link to the recording.


You are so very loved.

Welcome to this loving community of kindred spirits. Join us each month for The Monthly Connection webinars and more opportunities to live The Awakened Way.

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