It’s all perfection –
Everything you see.
It’s only your beliefs and thoughts
That hide reality.

You think that things should be one way,
But you see with limited sight.
With only partial vision
How can you say what’s wrong or right?

You need to step out of your box.
See the world with brand new eyes.
There’s far more than your senses sense –
So much more to realize.

Do not complain when things go “wrong”
For this is just perception.
Until you see with Spirit’s eyes,
You fail to see perfection.

Judge not. Sit back and rethink life.
Take off your limiting blinders,
And go within to seek the truth.
Ask Spirit for reminders.

There’s perfect order in the world
Although it may seem random.
This truth you’ll come to understand
When with Spirit you walk in tandem.