In this month’s episode, Suzanne shares what happens when you allow your guides to do their job with some truly magical moments from this past month.  She also  provides much more, including, A follow-up to last month’s sharing about attachments and healing deep childhood wounds with spirit’s teaching about how to process the emotions when you allow yourself to feel them; A few fantastic ‘wows’ from across the veil, including connecting in a reading for the first time with her friend and mentor Janet Nohavec since she passed; Information for those of us (including Suzanne) who don’t see spirits; providing new techniques that may help you better see spirits’ faces; Tools to apply the skills you use in a reading to help you at work and in interpersonal relationships; ‘No other explanation’ moments from her recent readings that leave no doubt that we don’t die.  As a little extra, she shares with you her own story about fairies; which Suzanne didn’t necessarily believe in until they showed themselves to her in a wondrous way. Remember, the universe conspires to show us that anything is possible, for all arises from one creative Source.  Feel the love … literally!

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