Suzanne shares highlights of her communication with spirit in the past month and presents insights on dealing with “tests” that we all face in our day-to-day lives. She shared wisdom on how to put a psychic’s predictions in perspective and look at our personal reactions to predictions. Suzanne discusses the meaning of recurring dreams and shares a personal example.

Questions are answered by Suzanne and Sanaya regarding archangels and guides, past civilizations, pets after their owner’s death, healing in the afterlife, choice to reincarnate, illness and ability to meditate, transgender represented in readings, guides appearing in readings, and recognizing angels are near.

She then channels a very powerful healing meditation from Sanaya. We are each taken on a journey to discover anything in our belief system that comes up over and over again because we need to deal with it. We are led through an exercise in the meditation to heal and release this part of us.

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