This month’s webinar contains some stunning evidence, unique questions, inspired answers, and a surprise channeling. Suzanne shares evidence from several readings in the past month including the story of Brian and Kellen who met each other on the other side and how their moms found each other on this side. She shares a reading that provides incredible healing for the sitter and includes a visit from Jesus. Suzanne explains how a hurtful article about her online unfolded into a valuable lesson.

Questions are answered regarding topics including a description of Sanaya, the reality of Santa Claus, increased deaths near holidays and birthdays, incarnation and robots, controlling emotions as a medium, connecting with one’s friends across the veil, souls of unresponsive people in hospice, reaction of atheists when crossing over, effective prayer, and souls healing on the other side.

The group experiences a healing session and are awed when the channeling begins that Jesus is the speaker. He talks of oneness with Source, ability to communicate with any higher being, being limited only by our beliefs, and the Love that unites us.

Your purchase includes a private link to the video recording, a downloadable link to the MP3 audio, and a written transcript of the channeling session. You have unlimited access to all.