This month’s show delves into a deeply personal and widely discussed topic known as ‘attachment,’ ‘dark entity,’ or by some as ‘the devil.’ In this special episode, Suzanne gets deeply candid and personal as she takes us through a negative ‘attachment’ she had very recently. Her vulnerability and willingness to share a painful experience helps us understand that – although she has had years and years of living The Awakened Way and connecting with Spirit – she is also having a very human experience and continues to learn lessons, just like all of us!

In addition to this personal experience, Sanaya and Suzanne answer questions like ‘do our loved ones ever wish they could be back in the physical world,’ and, ‘What does Sanaya say about visiting respected Intuitives who may combine several modalities like healing touch, astrology and readings to help give us guidance on our journey?’

At the end of the show, Suzane and Sanaya conduct a meditation that invites us all to consider the times in our lives when we’ve wrestled with our own negative energies and emotions that need healing. It’s a restorative meditation that you won’t want to miss!

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