This month’s webinar contains part 2 of Suzanne’s awe-inspiring conversations with Joy/God. She begins the webinar with highlights of evidence from readings in the past month and reviews her conversation with Joy that she read during the April 11, 2023, Monthly Connection Suzanne shares tools given to her by Joy that help us nurture ourselves, clear blockages in our energy field, and find peace within our human experience. She gives stunning insights on our relationships with our guides and how they work with us that she received in conversation with her main spirit guide, Boris.

Suzanne’s teaching focuses on tools to deal with our “drug of choice” whether that is food, alcohol, social media, or anything else we use to dull the pain of life. The tools were given to her through a conversation with Joy and Suzanne reads the actual words of that conversation. Sanaya states that the words carry a transmission of energy to all viewers whether in the live session or the recording.

Questions are answered by Suzanne and Sanaya regarding differences between men and woman resonating with mediumship and channeling, loved ones on the other side benefitting from our attention to them, guides and loved ones traveling with us, guides matching our personality, difference between guides and angels, recording our messages and downloads from our guides, and relationship between our guides and our dreams.

Sanaya leads viewers through a sacred, powerful guided meditation and energy transmission. They take all through an experience of self-forgiveness, grace, and the gift of the ability to know Joy’s love and the love of each guide.

Your purchase includes private links with lifetime access to the video recording and the audio in MP3 format. A transcript is availabe when viewing the recording on YouTube.