In this month’s webinar, Suzanne shares highlights from several readings and signs received from spirit in the past month. These include a message that showed up in an amazing way on The Awakened Way App from a man in spirit for his sister , a magical moment with the image of a bow and arrow, and the heartwarming unfolding of a message from a little boy on the other side named Benny. Suzanne shares insights from a father across the veil that are perfect for dealing with the stressful interactions with family that often happen during the holidays.

Suzanne explains a powerful new practice called the “Fountain of Fullness” that was given to her by Sanaya. We can use this practice anytime to integrate the energy that flows through us from spirit with the physical energy that flows through us from earth. The practice is perfectly illustrated with drawings created by Karen Crawford.

Suzanne reviews her “NO FAULT” process to deal with uncomfortable feelings. Lynette shares helpful techniques she uses to change negative, nagging thoughts.

A powerful healing session takes place and Sanaya speaks through Suzanne. Sanaya discusses destiny and free will, love in full expression, lack of separation, and the love and support of guides.

Several questions are answered by Suzanne and Sanaya on topics including: what souls do on the other side, power of intentions, organ donations, forgiveness and guides, life reviews, animal communication, weather on the other side, thinner veil during holidays, earth dimension and new discoveries, souls providing crime evidence, and creating temporary bodies on the other side.