In this month’s session, Suzanne shares highlights of her communications with spirit and insights given to her in the past month. She gives examples of incredible evidence from readings including a special flower sign for a woman in Singapore, Mr. Peanut providing a great sign from a dad in spirit, and construction designs on a napkin that provided clear evidence for a wife. Sanaya reminds Suzanne to share a recent incident when she was doing an online presentation and her drum on the wall sounded out a beat. Suzanne then shares an email she received after the presentation with evidence that the mysterious drumbeat was clearly a sign for one of the presentation viewers.

Teaching from Suzanne includes how to share potentially hurtful information in a reading and still “do no harm”, healing depression in our pets, a better way to respond when you don’t resonate with another’s reaction, and turning your ego into a helper when communicating with spirit. She shares a major lesson on how our personal energy affects our communication with spirit. Suzanne reads a powerful download that she received directly from Sanaya when she asked, “How much control do we really have?” (A transcript of the full download is provided along with the link to this recording.)

Suzanne and Sanaya answer questions on topics including the soul’s location and mobility in the web, dealing with spirit communications being stalled, closer communication with the other side for those in the process of dying, guides of people who have no spiritual interest, guides’ knowledge of a person’s unexpected death, over dependence on spiritual tools such as pendulums, repeating numbers as signs from angels, loved ones on the other side knowing our thoughts of them, difference between mystics and mediums, and sharing “Joy” with those who are not aware.

The group joins in a healing session and Sanaya speaks directly to the group present and all later watching the recording. They address human drama and the importance of not giving into another’s drama with more drama. Sanaya reminds us that peace is always within and our guides are always with us. They honor us as brave souls who chose to experience life on earth.

Your purchase includes private links with lifetime access to the video recording, the audio in MP3 format and a PDF of the download from Sanaya, “Do We Really Have Control?”