This session starts with Suzanne sharing highlights of selected readings in the past month that had “wow” pieces of evidence. These include a son across the veil named David and his incredible story with a photo and a son across the veil named Connor and his “no other explanation” story about a golf ball.

Teachings from Suzanne include a powerful lesson about the opposite of gratitude: complaining! She gives viewers the perfect definition of complaining and how it takes one out of alignment with their soul.

The major teachings in the session result from a humorous, but extremely profound personal experience that Suzanne shares. It includes her saga of navigating through football game traffic at the U.S. Air Force Academy and blocked roads. In the days following, Suzanne was given several insights and tools from her guides and through direct conversation with Joy/God. She shares what she learned with viewers. Key elements focus on flow, seeing the wholeness, and attunement.

Questions answered by Suzanne and Sanaya include: how a medium identifies an infant across the veil, reincarnation with soul groups, angels as humans, fear of dealing with our life review when we pass, reincarnation as quicky as a grandparent reincarnating as a grandchild, and attachment to/worrying about adult children. The group takes part in a powerful healing exercise and Sanaya speaks through Suzanne.

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