Spirit makes themselves known as this session barely begins. Can you see the orb pop in at the 37 second mark!? Suzanne begins this session with examples of evidence received in her recent communications with spirit. She shares the amazing evidence received from a dad in spirit who provided exact numbers, a white German Shepard described as a “gentleman,” guides providing psychic information for a sitter, and a partner across the veil using the game of pool as evidence.

Suzanne introduces her new team member, Stephanie Pfennig, and Stephanie shares a special story of evidence from her daughter, Katie, in spirit.

An email from one of Suzanne’s former students, Tricia, describes her beautiful story of hope and encouragement when her daughter across the veil, Belle, delivered an incredible evidential visual after Tricia tried for over a year and a half to connect.

Suzanne shares a new “No Other Explanation” story that unfolded during her recent workshop at the Omega Institute in Rhinebeck, NY. It involves Dr. George Roth, a workshop attendee, who developed the program called Matrix Repatterning. Other elements include three readings, William James, the philosopher now in spirit, Emanuel Swedenborg a Swedish theologian across the veil, an Oregon wine, and more which all added up to new spiritual sights for Suzanne.

Two new tools are provided during this session. The first is a new technique to maintain alignment which Suzanne calls, “AHA Moments.” The second helps us to keep the ego in check when dealing with human stories and emotions that feed the ego. Suzanne’s guides lead the group through a meditation to communicate with loved ones across the veil and provide energy to assist with this connection.

A special healing session is led by Suzanne for each attendee to send healing to others. The group holds Beth Pasakarnis, Wolf’s stepmom, in their healing intentions as she faces the challenge of a recent diagnosis of leukemia. Sanaya shares their wisdom through Suzanne.

Suzanne and Sanaya answer questions regarding our responsibility for Mother Earth, the afterlife of lower lifeforms like insects, control of exit dates, and the phrase, “You are so very loved.”

Your purchase includes private links with lifetime access to the video recording, downloadable audio in MP3 format, and a computer generated transcript. This month’s session also includes a gift link to a previous recording mentioned during the session.