There is a better way …

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“Going from an emptiness that cannot be filled to a fullness that cannot be contained.”

Learn how to get past your BS (Belief System)

Discover irrefutable evidence demonstrating
you are part of a much greater reality

Take the mystery out of connecting with
Higher Consciousness

Unlock the soul’s perspective with practical,
hands-on exercises

Detach from your narrative and find a
perpetual joy that transcends earthly

“Some books are destined to become classics. This book is for
everyone–from beginning seekers to advanced explorers—and it is ready to read again and again.”

Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D., professor of Psychology, Medicine,
Neurology, Psychiatry, and Surgery at the University of Arizona

“Now hear this! At the human level, you may be wounded and hurting, but at your deepest, most essential level, you are whole and complete. This is because you are not only human. You are also a soul, and your soul is perfectly fine.”

Suzanne Giesemann, The Awakened Way

Suzanne Giesemann shares the EVIDENCE and provides
the PATH to take you to THE AWAKENED WAY.

“It will change how you view and live your life.”

E. Connie Mariano, MD, Rear Admiral, U. S. Navy (retired) and former White House Physician


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