Accountability.  This you understand to mean that you are responsible for someone or something.  To what are you accountable?  To the Self … “To thine own Self be true,” is a phrase worth noting.  And what is the Self?  It is Love, your basic essence.  Why do you speak of spiritual Truth?  For Truth calls you to awakening.  “Listen.  The voice within you knows who you are.  It whispers softly or shouts loudly.  Are you listening?  “This Life is all about learning to love, dispelling the fears, accepting that there is One Heart, and all of you share it.”  Can you hear this voice?  Listen closely.  In the human world, you may be accountable to many.  As a soul you are accountable to One.  There is no judgment should you make the mistake of choosing other than love.  There is compassion and understanding, but the voice will continue to call you.  Why?  Because it is time to wake up.