Love is all there is. Love is all there is. Love is all there is. Your famous Beatles did sing these phrases, did they not? Is this but a trite phrase in overuse or a spiritual truth? You live in a world with fear, hatred, and evil, so how can you believe that love is all there is? It seems a mockery of spirituality, making those who believe these words seem foolish and naïve. Fear not, you who adhere to this most basic of spiritual truths are wise beyond your years. You have discovered the gold at the bottom of the pan.

Love is the basic force that is the basis of all that is. You call Spirit a force—an energy—but is it electro-magnetic energy? Is it gravity? Is it kinetic energy? You search for a name for this basic, elemental energy that is Spirit, and we tell you now, you need not look for another name. This most basic energy is love. All is Spirit. All is therefore love. Love rules the universe, or there would not be a universe at all. Quite simple, is it not? Love organizes the universe, or there would be chaos. Love causes those who eschew violence, hatred, and evil to send yet more love in the direction of these baser vibrations and pull them higher, seeking balance.

There is only love, expressing itself in all ways, always. Love is all there is. Be that which you are, and there find peace. Seek love no more. Be love and be joyful. Love is all there is. Worth singing about, wouldn’t you say?