You are complete as you are. You need not search outside yourself for fulfillment, for you are Fulfillment, itself. Those who spend a lifetime seeking know not that for which they seek, and thus do not realize that that which drives them to seek is the very part of themselves which they have not yet fully recognized.

Seek not outside yourself, but look inside. The longing which all feel for “something else” is the longing to be loved. Know that it is Love that created you and Love that sustains you in existence. Without Love you could not even breathe. But do you not see that you breathe BECAUSE love flows through every cell of your body as you do so?

Breathe in the breath of Love, and exhale just as strongly. Be in-spired by Love, but know that Love does not expire, but lives forever, as do you. Be the Love that you are, and seek no longer.