You can practice awareness and loving-kindness every moment, making every moment of your existence sacred.  Be ever mindful of your thoughts.  Are they as high as they can be, or do they drag you down?  Are you seeing your brothers and sisters with compassion and empathy, or as separate beings with no connection?  Go within, to that point of unity.  Spend time there on a regular basis, and you cannot help but feel your oneness with all that is.
This is why it is so very important to meditate.  When you walk only in the consciousness of a mortal being, you lose touch with that side of yourself which is eternal.  It never goes away, but becomes as if covered by a blanket.  Crawl under the blankets, dear child, and there find the warmth and comfort of love.  Do not stay out in the cold and long for this state of warmth which is your birthright.  Walk about at all times draped in the mantle of love.