You rub two sticks together and you create heat by exciting the molecules. Higher vibrations are creative. Raise the vibrations even further and you create fire, and lo! You have created light! What if you had the ability to raise the vibrations ever and ever higher? What if there were no limit to the vibrations you could raise? Why, then, could you not create a universe?

It is all a matter of degree, my friend. You are consciousness in human form … for now. From Consciousness you have arisen. Call it what you like … call it Consciousness, call it Spirit, call it God, call it the Creative Force of the Universe … you are It. For now, a small focus of “It,” but do you not have the ability in this moment to create fire and light … and yes, love? Call it Mind … call it Infinite … call it Infinite Loving Mind. If you are It, and you are endowed with the same creative force, then use it to create more love in your world. Why else would you be here?

Any man can build a fire, but once you see the light, how will you use it?