Pain is a sign that something is out of alignment with your
true nature.  When the physical body
feels pain, you take action to relieve it. 
It cannot be ignored.  When the
emotions that rise to the surface are painful, what do you do?  So many of you panic and push them back
down.  “Go away!  I do not want to deal with you!”  This only guarantees that the emotional pain
will either continue to rise to the surface or turn into a physical pain.  One way or the other, it will clamor until
you can no longer ignore it.

What if you were to acknowledge emotional pain the moment it
appears?  Oh, such healing and growth you
would experience!  “Oh!” you would say, “There
is an emotion I don’t much care for. 
Now, where did you come from, my friend, and why?  May I help you on your way?”  By acknowledging this teacher, it does,
indeed, turn into your friend, and that is all he wants:  a bit of attention. 

Just like a cut on the finger, this wound in the spirit is
merely asking to be healed.  And how do
you heal the emotional wounds?  By giving
them air and light.  Once brought to the
surface and acknowledged, simply release them. 
Do you dig around in a cut?  How silly!  Of course not.  Release the wound and replace it with fresh,
healthy thoughts that serve you better now that Healer you have healed thyself.