mom-1363919_640Some of you are huggers; others are not, preferring if you must touch, to simply shake hands.  This is learned behavior.  Look at your puppies in a pack.  Do they not snuggle to feel the others’ bodies?  It is the connection that they seek.  Yes, it is a touchy subject.  Do you see our humor?  We do hope so, for you humans take yourselves quite seriously at times.  If you could see what lies beneath the surface, you would be hugging all the time, for what happens in a hug is two souls merge as closely as the human bodies will allow.  It is an effort to merge into one, energetically, but the bodies get in the way.  A hug is the closest you can get to this sense of oneness—a complete merging of the etheric bodies.  Of course, know that for the formless aspect of the soul, it makes no difference, for there is only one energy of Love.  So hug if you are comfortable.  Shake hands if that is your preference.  The Love is there no matter what, for it cannot be any other way.  Love is All That Is.