“Are you even listening to me?” you ask with indignance, or perhaps you hear these words from another.  Everyone wants to be heard, yet what is human nature?  To listen so intently to one’s own thoughts that even as words are being spoken by another, your thoughts are already on what you want to say next.  “Can you hear me now?”  These are five of the most oft-repeated words in your world at this time, yet who is actually listening?

Use conversations as an opportunity to practice active listening.  Pause before you answer, and instead of saying what you, the human, feels an urgent need to express, allow the soul to step in.  Perhaps there will be silence, for you sense the other’s words are important for them to continue expressing.

Speak soul to soul, and perhaps words will not even be necessary.  If you do this repeatedly, perhaps, “I love you so much,” five words that could change your world, would become the most oft-spoken words in your world.

You are so very loved.  Take these five words to heart, and you will find yourself more eager to honor others by truly hearing what they feel the need to say.