Check my homepage,, and you’ll find I have a pretty straight-laced background: 20 years in the Navy, management consulting … You won’t find any incense burning in my home or catch me wearing any wrap-around tie-died skirts. The fact is, even I still have trouble seeing myself as the kind of person who would author a blog about talking to spirits.
And others agree.

A recent business client with an engineering degree, upon hearing that my upcoming book is the biography of psychic medium Anne Gehman, looked at me sideways and said, “You don’t actually believe that stuff, do you?” I’m proud to say that I lifted my chin, put a big smile on my face, and replied, “I sure do.”
If he’d asked me the same question a couple of weeks earlier, I might have waffled. That’s what I did when telling a former colleague that the spirit of his deceased daughter had come through in a reading I’d recently had with a medium. The man was a retired senior naval officer who knew me back when we were both still in uniform. I felt he would want to know that a medium who knew nothing about his family had brought up his deceased daughter’s not-so-common name in a highly-evidential context with no prompting from me. There was no doubt in my mind that there’d been some real spirit communication going on, but I found myself apologizing to the man, lest he think I’d lost a few marbles since I left the Navy.

After I hung up I realized I needed to make up my mind: either I believed in the spirit world or I didn’t. The truth is: since the death of my own step-daughter, I no longer believe, hope, or wish that our spirit survives the transition we call death … I know. Others may think I’m a fruitcake or a New Age nut, but what others think no longer matters. As author Gary Zukov, Ph.D.,writes in his latest book, Soul to Soul, “It is not possible to provide the evidence of life after death to the five senses … When you recognize wisdom … you must decide whether to trust what you recognize. Will you look outside yourself to make that decision, or inside?”
Like me, Gary Zukav believes in life after death and that people with multisensory perception –such as mediums – can communicate with those in the spirit realm.

Like me, Dr. Zukav used to wear a military uniform. He happens to be a former Green Beret. So let the stereotypes crumble.

There are some very special people I love dearly who are now on the Other Side, among them my wonderful step-daughter, Susan, and my beloved father. I talk to them all the time and I know they hear me. They’ve told me so themselves through some very gifted mediums. I miss my loved ones terribly, but knowing they’re not really gone brings me incredible comfort. And for that, I no longer apologize to anyone.