Red-RosesDo our loved ones who have passed guide us to make our lives easier?  Do they orchestrate events to let us know they are here?  You bet they do.

Several months ago I received an email from Gool Ardeshir in Pune, India.  Gool said, “I have loved reading your books, and your ‘Sanaya Says’ messages are precious.  My daughter’s name is Sanaya!  The Persian meaning of it is ‘One who knows all.’”

What a fitting name for the collective consciousness I have been channeling for the past six years.  When they first came to me I learned that Sanaya is Sanskrit for “Eminent, and of the Gods” as well as Arabic for “flash of lighting” – just like the bolt of lightning that took my step-daughter Susan across the veil.

Gool continued:  “My Sanaya was born 27 years ago and has always been a special child.
From the 
time she was little she kept a ‘God box’ as she would call it … a little box in which she would put little hand written messages to God.  All this she did with no prompting or example. She is a wise and deeply spiritual child … Quite ‘of the Gods,’  and I feel blessed to be her mother.  She discovered you on the Internet, and as she is a musician and does travel to America, I feel sure she will meet you one day.”

I was thrilled to read this message, and thought how special it would be if our paths did cross.  Little did
I know that Gool’s parents were hard at work in the spirit world to make that meeting happen.

Imagine my delight to receive an email shortly after Gool’s with the subject line, “I’m Sanaya!”

“My mother wrote to you yesterday about the Persian meaning of the name Sanaya.  We have both been so enjoying and resonating with your books and your stories, and yesterday we watched your interview on Buddha at the Gas Pump. I simply had to write to you and share the story of how I came across you and your work  – to me, it is a miracle …

“I’m a musician and music producer living in Bombay, India. Earlier last year I started a band with a very dear friend. We are an electronic music duo and we have been playing music together for a long time now. While naming our project, one of the key choices for a band name was ‘Perfect Timing.’ We both share a great appreciation for the set-ups that the Universe plans and executes in precision timing, but before we settled on the name, we wanted to make sure it wasn’t already taken by another musical act.

“So, as common sense dictated, we searched the internet for ‘Perfect Timing,’ and one of the things that my partner found was :

“Now, you can well imagine my shock to find the words ‘Sanaya says with Perfect timing’ written by a medium in the U.S!  It was initially so freaky and so exciting at the same time to find this page with MY name AND the name of the band.  Surely this was put here for me to find!!

“I obviously took it as a sign – two thumbs up to go ahead with the name, but the real miracle is what follows.  It was after I discovered this page that I decided to read up about you and shared the story with my mum.  We have both been connecting with Spirit and were very drawn to your work. Subsequently, she went ahead and bought all your books, sharing them with friends and family, and it just so happens that the people she has been sharing them with have been in dire need of your healing words. So much joy is being brought to many, many hearts through your words here in India.  Additionally, this all happened at the time that I was looking for some guidance and direction in my own connection with Source through my meditations. Your work really strengthened my resolve to continue along this path and that the right guidance will come at the right time.  Doesn’t the universe just work in such AMAZING ways!  I am confident that our paths will cross some day, some way.  Lots of love, Sanaya”

Yes, the Universe IS amazing.  We continued to email each other sporadically, especially when “my” Sanaya’s daily messages seemed to be written especially for Sanaya Ardeshir’s family.  Then Sanaya informed me that she would be touring the U.S. to share her music over a five-week period while I am touring the U.S. to share my messages of hope.  Was it possible our paths would cross?  It seemed unlikely, as she was focusing on major cities such as New York, L.A., and Atlanta, while our plan took us to more suburban areas.

We compared schedules, and it wasn’t looking like the stars were aligning for us to meet this trip, when I received an email from Sanaya with eye-popping news.  “For some reason” (and we know there’s always a reason from above!), her promoter had booked Sanaya’s flights through Denver with a lay-over there, even though she had no gigs scheduled.  The promoter could not explain how or why that happened.  The Denver stop coincided with my events in Carbondale, Colorado, just 3 hours west of Denver.  What are the chances?

When you’re dealing with Spirit, the answer is 100 percent!

We invited her to spend the night with us in our coach.  Was it crazy?  Not at all.  I cannot tell you the joy and connection Ty, Sanaya, and I felt as we hugged at the Greyhound Bus stop in Glenwood Springs.  She was as delightful and loving as I knew she would be from reading her emails.  I don’t know what she expected from this American medium, but within an hour we were wearing hiking boots and trekking up a steep, snowy trail in the shadow of the Maroon Bells.  What better way to bask in the glory of Spirit!

Back at the coach, Sanaya graciously presented me a gift she had brought from India:  a bag of masala—ground spices mixed with cinnamon sticks, bay leaves, star anise, and other large seeds.  Not wanting to waste such a lovely gift, I had to admit my ignorance as to what to do with these aromatic goodies.  When she offered to demonstrate by cooking us an authentic Indian khichree in our kitchen, we gratefully accepted.  Dinner turned out to be a love-filled “event” far better than going out to any restaurant.

 The next morning, I offered to do a reading for Sanaya and her mother.  Imagine the fun of sitting face to face with Gool and Sanaya at the same time thanks to the wonders of Skype. I hardly knew how to contain my joy and gratitude to Spirit.

The previous day our guest, Sanaya, had told us that her grandfather had often mentioned his desire to find “a good medium” after several disappointing sessions with mediums who produced only generic messages.  I had no doubt that we would hear from her grandfather, Gool’s father, and her grandmother.  I  set the intention of giving Sanaya and Gool the good evidence their (grand)father had sought for so long.

For a few moments the human side of me worried that the cultural differences between me and Sanaya’s grandparents would cause a challenge.

I needn’t have worried.

It doesn’t matter if one has been raised in India, the United States, or Timbuctoo, there are certain things that all humans recognize, and Sanaya’s grandparents did a capital job of getting through irrefutable evidence that they were with us for the reading.  They showed me very specific items relating to family events going on now—things I could not have guessed—that left Sanaya and Gool beaming with happiness.  One of these items is an object that I included as a photo in a recent “Sanaya Says” post, having been guided to choose that particular photo by my guides.  (See Sanaya Says of June 2nd for an explanation of how this works).

Once he established his presence with evidence, Gool’s father explained how he had found me.  He arrived on the other side and was drawn to this woman in America who repeatedly sent out the vibration of his granddaughter Sanaya’s name.  He said he could see me like a beacon.  It was he who orchestrated the repeated signs that drew us all together.  I have no doubt this is so.

As other family members showed up in the reading, Sanaya and Gool would exclaim, “That’s _______, spouting off five-syllable Indian names that would be impossible for me as a medium to discern across the veil.  So, I was quite surprised in the middle of the session to have her grandfather say the name “Sadie.”  Sanaya shrugged.  It meant nothing to her.  I told her that Sadie is not a common name and that it was quite clear that her grandfather wanted me to hear it.  “Just remember it came up,” I told them, and went on with the reading.

One hour later, Ty and I took Sanaya on a second hike. The trail was quite steep, so I was surprised when two young women passed us on their way down the hill with two long-haired dachshunds.  (Our little pups could never navigate that kind of terrain.)  “Look!” I said, “That one looks just like our Rudy!”  As I stopped to snap a photo, the dog’s owner said, “Sadie!  Come out here!”

What are the chances?

The chances are 100%,  as a member of the collective consciousness known as Sanaya showed me several years ago when in a similiar circumstance they brought me face to face with a couple speaking Hebrew on a trail just hours after hearing the word “Hebrews” during one very special meditation.

Trust me:  All is not as it seems at this level of reality.  As “my” Sanaya said in a message earlier this IMG_2611week, those in spirit have the bird’s eye view.  They can see the bigger picture.  They can see a young musician from India named Sanaya sitting with a medium who channels a group named Sanaya each day.  They know that Suzanne and Sanaya plan to go for a hike afterwards.  They can also see two other young women in Carbondale, Colorado, lacing up their boots for a hike, and they can put the thought in the hiker’s head to take her long-haired dachshund named Sadie with them on that trail.  That grandfather then shouts “Sadie!” in the medium’s ear.  And then he and his wife in the spirit world sit back, rub their hands together with joy, and say, “Won’t this be fun!”

It IS fun.  And it is joyous.  And it shows us that it is love that connects all of us, no matter what our nationality, no matter how far apart we live geographically.  For those in spirit there is no time and no space.  Our loved ones are as close as our breath, and they send us birds, and roses, and butterflies, and messages from a group known as Sanaya in these glorious “set-ups” to let us know they are still with us … that love never dies.

 It is Gool Ardeshir who gave me yet another meaning for the name Sanaya.  It also means,  “One worth knowing.”

Gool’s beautiful daughter, the talented, lovely, spiritual Sanaya, is certainly worth knowing, and I am grateful her grandparents worked so hard to bring us together.  The ripples from our connection are spreading out across continents, but Spirit’s message is clear:  We are all one.  We are all connected, and we are ALL worth knowing when we meet in the heart.

(For a taste of Sanaya’s amazing compositions, visit and check out Youtube for her music videos).