It is easy to love those who love and appreciate you.  It is easy to love those who agree with you.  It is easy to love those who look at you admiringly and support your views.  And what of those who don’t?  Who are they?  Your greatest teachers.  You in your human role will never see eye to eye with everyone, act like everyone, think like everyone.  What would be the purpose in taking on a role as a soul if this were the case?  See the differences and appreciate the diversity of Creation, the many ways that Source flows.  Align with Source, which simply IS, which flows in all directions, and know that you need not agree, yet you can still see beyond your differences to the basic essence of All That Is:  pure Awareness, pure Consciousness, pure Potential, pure Be-ing.  In this you do not differ.  You need not love what you experience on the surface, but you cannot help but be love at your core.  Go there when others engender dissonance, and find peace.  You are so very loved.