Is mediumship real?  Are our loved ones who have passed really still with us, and can they communicate through mediums?  I know the answer to these questions is yes, but I understand why some people don’t know that.

I deliberately don’t read the posts from bereaved parents on the Helping Parents Heal Facebook page, even though I’m a passionate supporter of this wonderful organization.  I don’t want to know anything about any of the parents or their children on the other side in case one of them comes to me for a reading some day.  Today, however, a string of comments on one particular post showed up in my inbox because one of the comments about the original post mentioned my name.

The post came from a bereaved mom who doubts the reality of mediumship.  Her experience has been that mediums simply feed off the feedback from their clients.  She stated that if she were to sit in a reading and say nothing, the medium would give her nothing.  From MY experience, she is correct on both counts:

–  The way I work, I definitely feed off the feedback from my clients!  It motivates me if they tell me I’m correct, raising my energy for an even better connection.  Alternately, it tells me I need to shift gears and try something different if the client/sitter tells me that what I said doesn’t make sense.  If they give me more than a simple “yes” or “no,” excitedly providing more details than I asked for, then I ask their loved one in spirit to “up the ante” and give me even more details, including things my client may have to later verify from someone else.  Along the way, those in spirit know I won’t be satisfied unless they tell me things that the client hasn’t brought up, or has forgotten, or any number of things they can get through to prove their presence … yes, “prove” – a word that I used to shy away from using.  Now I know the spirits can do that very well, if the connection is good enough, but it’s a three-way connection, (the spirit, the medium, and the sitter/client), which leads to the second point …

– If the client sits there in a reading and says nothing, that is very likely what they will get from the medium.  Sitting tight-lipped expecting the medium to prove something is like putting up an energetic barrier.  Yes, we mediums want to show your loved ones are still here.  We WANT to prove it, but a client’s “prove it to me” attitude is incredibly counter-productive.

See the paradox?

I can feel that mother’s grief.  I know how much she wants to hear from her child.  I’ve been there, and it’s the evidence from a medium who shared detail after detail about my step-daughter Susan that I couldn’t have known that started me down this path.  Now I know Susan is still with us, and I KNOW that your loved ones are, too.

Not all of the magic happens in the readings.  For me, it’s been happening more and more lately AFTER the readings … after I have felt the personality of those in spirit so clearly that I recognize them immediately when they drop in unexpectedly with a message for their loved ones that they’re counting on me to deliver.  Are your loved ones who have passed still around?  You bet they are.  Is mediumship real?  You bet it is.  How else do you explain:

– Devon dropping in not too long ago out of the blue to show me a pair of hiking poles with rubber tips and telling me to mention these to his parents.  I texted his parents right away.  They sent back the photo here,  showing the sticks his dad had just taken out of the closet the day before.  Devon was right there watching his dad get ready for a hike.  Way to go, Devon!  (Keep scrolling down.  There’s more)





– Aymen dropping in three weeks after I brought him through to his mom in one of my Serving Spirit classes.  He showed up unexpectedly as I typed an email to thank his mom for a card and gift she had sent me, and he mentioned the tooth fairy.  I included this in the email and his mom was floored.  She sent me a screenshot of a text she had sent to her daughters two days prior after finding her kids’ baby teeth.  Notice the title in this screenshot:  “The tooth fairy.”  Good one, Aymen.  (Scroll down)





– Carly dropping in to show me her teddy bear needs to go for a walk.  Now, Carly, what the heck is that supposed to mean?  I need feedback from your mom (see how helpful feedback is???).  So I texted Irene, her Mom, leader of the Hilton Head Helping Parents Heal chapter, only to learn  that Irene had put Sebastian the bear (Carly’s friend since she was a baby) in a closet for safe keeping while Irene’s grandchildren were visiting.  Irene had forgotten to take him out of the closet after the kids left, but Carly knew!  Poor Sebastian!  Thanks to Carly’s very real visit from the other side, Sebastian is now out in the fresh air once again.  (Scroll down)



– or how about Shayna dropping in two weeks after her parents’ reading and acting like a cat with her hands drawn up like little paws with claws.  She showed me whiskers painted on her cheeks.  “What’s this all about?” I texted her mom, only to cry tears of joy with both of her parents when mom texted me back this special photo.  Shayna just wanted to say hi, and nothing does it better than a great piece of evidence like that. (Scroll down, please)





Need I go on?  I could do so for hours with the jaw-dropping ways our loved ones have let me know that death is not the end.  Far from it.  There is no end, because we are Love expressing itself.  Life and death are both stages of that expression, painful as they may be.  Life has its ups and downs, but love is steady, ongoing, and the reason we exist.

I do my best not to become defensive these days.  Defensiveness usually indicates something within me I need to work on.  So I asked myself, am I writing these words to defend mediumship?  In a way, yes, but it’s more important to let the woman who wrote that post know that her child is still right here, and that if she understands the necessity for feedback in a reading and the importance of an open mind, heart, and energy field, her child will do her best to let mom know she’s okay and will always be with her.  These aren’t just palliative words.  This is Truth.  Love is eternal.

Am I writing this because I want more clients?  No!  Please!  While I do take on new clients, I’m referring many these days to other mediums I trust will give great evidence because the wait is too long for those who need to hear from their loved ones.  There are some truly great mediums out there.  Ask for recommendations from other members of Helping Parents Heal.  Understand that the information comes through mediums in different ways, often cryptic, and your feedback helps to put the pieces of the puzzle together.  Ultimately, whether in a reading or not, talk to those who have passed, because they hear you.  Find peace in the fact that they are not gone forever, just gone from your sight.  They feel your pain and want you to know they are still right here.