Note from Suzanne: The way the words come to me from Sanaya in private meditation is exactly the way they do when I bring through my guides’ presence to larger groups In those groups, members ask questions and receive answers. The words that come through are quite obviously not my own, with answers that I could never give so eloquently, nor so instantaneously. Today’s words from Sanaya are in answer to a question a neighbor asked me to ask Sanaya this morning in meditation: “Seems everyone on our street has an impairment or healing going on. Can you ask your guides to shed some light on that?” Our neighborhood has also experienced several deaths and a very bad car accident recently, so what follows is Sanaya’s answer:

The events being experienced by those in your vicinity are not unusual. Is not death a normal part of life? Are not accidents common events? Does not the body break down? “Yes, but why so many at once?” you ask. Because, my friend, all things in life occur in cycles. All things respond to the Law of Rhythm. Like a pendulum swinging out, then returning to its starting place over and over, all things in Life occur in a rhythmic, cyclical fashion, and these rhythms occur on the micro as well as the macro scale as well.

Examine anything in your world and you will find the Law of Rhythm … your seasons, your tides, your very moods. Do they not come in waves? Within the families of those who reside near you, the individual members will experience waves in which there is no sickness, there are no accidents, and no deaths, followed by periods in which these do occur—these natural events of life seen by you are tragedies, but to us, periods of growth as well.

Now see these individual families (the micro, you might say) as members of one larger family known as your neighborhood. This larger family (the macro, you might say), is currently experiencing the swing of the pendulum in which more than the usual so-called tragic events are occurring. Follow the pendulum’s swing and you will be able to see that calm will follow. For now, do you not see the many ways in which the God Force is at work in this larger family you call the neighborhood? Do you not see individuals sharing love in abundance? Do you not see healing?

Take this analogy even further and see the cycles occurring in the larger family of nations and within humanity as a whole, forever giving you opportunities to express love. It is merely the Law of Rhythm in action. See the cycles and accept what comes and goes with love.