Keep the Momentum Going on Your Spiritual Journey!

Join Suzanne online each month for two hours of her latest teachings, tools, tips, and more! She shares the latest insights, “aha’s” from spirit, and “wow’s” from readings. Enjoy the opportunity to chat with kindred souls around the globe and submit your questions to Suzanne. Answers come from Suzanne and her guides in spirit who call themselves Sanaya. A powerful group healing is held each month and Suzanne channels Sanaya at that time.

All registered for the session receive a private link to the video recording, audio MP3, and written transcript from the closed captioning with unlimited access.

Each session is stand-alone. There is no prerequisite and you may sign up for one or any number of the sessions. The online sessions are through Zoom and you can access them on your computer, tablet, or phone.

Two hours of Suzanne with unlimited access to the recording. Don’t miss this!

The price per session is $25.00. All sessions start at 8 p.m. ET

Click here to book your spot or simply visit the link below