New beginnings are always good, but not always welcome to you. It is all in how you see your circumstances. Do you approach change with fear and trepidation, or do you see it as the opportunity that it is to create the future of your dreams? When the life you have become accustomed to suddenly changes, you experience turmoil, for you have forgotten that nothing in your world of matter is permanent. All is in a constant state of change. Accept this fact and allow change to be the rule rather than the exception, and there you will find peace.

Once you enter into this state of allowing, then you have created room to create excitement. And why excitement? For now you are like the artist with a blank canvas and a fresh palette. The canvas is your future. The palette is your mind with which you create your intentions and your fresh ideas. This is how you, the artist of your life, do create your ever-changing future. Your life is your masterpiece … ever changing, never the same from moment to moment, and never frightening when you control the paintbrush.