Crutches.  They assist you when one of your legs is not weight-bearing.  There are many other crutches in the human’s closet.  Alcohol, sugar, and drugs are the crutches many turn to when they cannot bear the weight of human challenges.  Even spiritual workers can become dependent upon crutches such as crystals and pendulums.  A crutch is not necessarily a bad thing.  It most definitely props you up, but what if you don’t have your crutch?  Then you might have to resort to crawling, but you will still move forward.  Be aware of what is a necessity and what is a crutch.  Use your crutches if you must, but every so often stand on two feet without them and notice the difference.  You are fully capable as a soul of overcoming beliefs that tell you things must go one way instead of another.  Keep in mind you are so very loved, and some of your crutches will go back unused into the closet.