“Bring it on!” You say when you are ready for something new, be it a challenge, be it something fun and exciting. With enthusiasm you invite a new experience. Do you know this is how you felt before you came into this body? You knew you would face challenges. You knew you would have fun and excitement. You also knew that life in a human body is not all grins and giggles. It is one of the most challenging experiences Source takes on as a soul playing a role. And yet, as Source expressing itself in one of its limitless ways, it also knew that all would always be in perfect order, for you were just interacting with other aspects of the Self, even if some of your roles forget who you are. And so, you the soul said, “Bring it on!” And here you are. If you are suffering, pray to Source, won’t you, “Bring it on—the remembrance that I and the Source are one, in whatever way that makes sense to me now.”

You are so very loved.