“One worth knowing” … this is the meaning of the name Sanaya which we have given to this group who gives you these daily messages. How can multiple individuals be “one”? For they are one group, just as you are an individual within many ones: one family, one community, one nation … and what does one of those nations say it is under? God, dear ones. Yes, all of you, no matter what nation, community, family grouping you belong to can be grouped under one God, one Source.

You may appear to step away from your family, your community, your nation, your colleagues, your team … groupings are malleable, but your connection to the ultimate One is absolute. You are of this Source, not separate from it. It is the ultimate oneness, and you are part of This.

May you find comfort in knowing you cannot be separated from the One above and beyond which there is no other, and remember that where there is no separation, this is Love. This is why we remind you daily: You are so very loved.