Your doctors speak of those with a “multiple personality disorder.” To the one who experiences this so-called “disorder,” are they not experiencing life as if through multiple minds? How do you think that the Great Infinite Mind experiences Life? Is it through its One Mind or through the billions of minds which that Great Spirit has manifested? Hear us well: there is no difference. Is there not one mind (small “m”) guiding the diverse minds of the one experiencing multiple personalities? Do you see now how there can be One Mind guiding all of the minds which it has manifested? It is only a matter of scale.

What is infinite has no limitations. There is only One Mind. That which thinks itself separate and individual is but a focus of the One Mind that is focusing too greatly on its small self. Could it not be seen as an “individual personality disorder” to suffer under the illusion that you are limited, separate, and unloved? There could be no greater illusion.

Multiple personalities … One Loving Mind bringing order to all. It is quite simple.