Judge not your brothers.
Let them live their lives.
For only as you walk your path
Does each one learn to thrive.

No one can say his way is best;
That he is better than the rest.
For each has come to walk his trail.
This life is neither pass or fail.

Judge not the one who eats too much
Or he who fails to smile.
For you can’t understand his ways
‘Til in his shoes you walk a mile.

Your only job in life’s to grow
Not walk the path of others.
Don’t worry if you differ much
From your sisters or your brothers.

See past the actions and the looks.
Judge not on outer signs.
Send only love and you will learn
To read between the lines.

The message that is hidden there
In differences between,
Is that the part that’s all the same
Is that which can’t be seen.

Be not so hard upon yourself,
But start out with this day,
And see those who you once did judge
In quite a different way.