Curry us no favors.
There is nothing that we need,
Except for you to honor us
With your every loving deed.

The world’s in need of saviors—
People who do care.
And everyone can play a part
By loving, if they dare.

Share bread with those who hunger.
To those who thirst give drink.
To be an earthly savior
Is much easier than you think.

It only takes a moment
To share a loving smile,
To hold a hand, to wipe a tear
To walk that extra mile.

You all are here to learn
Loving lessons by your acts.
So honor us by what you do
Give love, don’t give us facts.

It’s by your demonstrations—
By your loving deeds,
That you show you understand
What your world so dearly needs.

So love each other not for us,
But for your soul’s own evolution,
And all the problems of your world
Will find the best solution.