This amazing poem came with a rush of love at the end that left me in tears …

Raise your head up to the sky.
Sit a while and wonder why
All the stars do shine and twinkle.
It’s a strange and wondrous wrinkle.

Heaven seems so far away,
But it’s as close as night to day.
The two worlds mix, they intertwine
Thanks to vibrations oh so fine.

The stars that seem to you so far
To us are fireflies in a jar …
There to touch if we reach out
No farther than a friendly shout.

In spirit there’s no here nor there.
Just all pervasive “everywhere.”
No time nor space does us divide.
By our own thoughts we do abide.

All this you, too, will understand
When you leave your solid land
And join the realm of twinkling lights
And say goodbye to darkened nights.

For all is light in our great sphere.
You’ll feel its warmth when you come here.
It shines as if from up above,
But it is actually God’s great love.

This warmth is yours to feel right now.
It’s easy once we show you how.
Just focus on your heart to know
This all abiding inner glow.

That’s your glimpse of life’s great Force.
It lies inside you at your source.
No need to look at stars afar …
Heaven’s always where you are.