Radiate …
Send energy out.
Feel it swirling all about.

This, inside, is your true state.
At times to rise, and then abate.
It’s with your thoughts that you control
The energy level as a whole.

What feels good are waves so fine.
What feels bad is far from divine.
For love’s the true and highest vibration—
A blissful, warm, and buzzing sensation.

You feel it deep within your heart,
For this is where the waves they start,
And every cell they do affect.
It’s power you should thus respect.

And use it as a living force
That you direct and put on course.
A laser beam that you can focus
It’s not what you call “hocus pocus”

But a real and mighty healing power
That like a brilliant meteor shower
Glitters down on all it does touch
Love’s energy can do so much.

Do not deny the many ways
That you can brighten all your days
With this one simple little trick
When love’s vibration you do pick.