A quick note before today’s poem to acknowledge Lois Anne and Jennifer, two beautiful souls whose comments each day are as insightful and beautiful as the poems. Thank you so much for your efforts. I love knowing that others are enjoying the poems, too. And now, #155:

See the mighty oak …
How tall its trunk does grow.
All that from one small acorn,
Whose life it did bestow.

You are like that mighty tree.
You sprang from one small seed.
Inside it held the makings
For everything your growth did need.

From that seed grew matter,
That which everyone can feel.
But matter’s not the only part.
There’s more of you that’s real.

Your spirit is a gift from God.
It gives life to all you are.
For without life the seeds would be
Like marbles in a jar.

As your body shows much change
Your spirit it grows too.
For you are here to grow and learn.
You’ve much good work to do.

But like the acorn sprouts a trunk
At quite a stately rate.
You cannot push your spirit’s growth
Some things they have to wait.

Your growth proceeds just as it should
With lessons on your path.
So take each step and learn from it
By choosing love, not wrath.

You cannot force the seed to grow
Nor speed its destined course.
So watch your life unfold just so,
With patience, not with force.

All things will come to you in time,
Just like the oak matures.
So let your spirit stretch and grow
And all the world is yours.