You don’t understand that all is one.
You, too, shall know the truth …

Be as loving as you dare.
In this way you make your bed
For what lies there up ahead.

Every action you do take
Is for your future’s sake.
So do everything knowing
That by your act’s you’re showing
That you understand
Your role in this plan.

A cog in the wheel
Of all that’s real …
Seen and unseen
And the places in between …
All is God.

May you find comfort in this
And know holy bliss.
That God is within and without —
What life’s all about.

Never fear you’re alone.
All love please condone.
For it’s the source of all life.
It can heal any strife.

Spread it far and wide.
In love’s presence abide.
For love’s all that’s real.
When it’s presence you feel,
You are living your role,
And then you feel whole.

Spread the word.

Suzanne’s note: Okay, 2nd day in a row (see the end of yesterday’s poem)… I just opened my daily thought-of-the-day email and it’s what today’s poem is about: “Without God there is nothing, because the definition of God is all-pervading, omnipresent, omniscient, and omnipotent. So there is no non-God.” I love when this happens.