Suffer the little children.
Where’s the reason in this?
Why do the innocent ones
Experience anything but bliss?

All results from cause and effect.
It is the natural law.
Just as the apple drops from the tree,
There’s a reason for the fall.

The earth is run by perfect rules.
There’s order in all things.
Without the laws of nature,
Each day would chaos bring.

Suffering, it does result
When things seem out of order.
But you will understand the cause
When you cross the final border.

The law it is immutable.
There’s nothing you can do,
That won’t result in something else
That comes to pass to you.

So pay attention to your acts
And make your choices well.
For each man reaps what he has sown
When rings the final bell.

And since all lives are linked as one,
Your thoughts and actions they are, too.
There’ll be so much less suffering
When all know that this is true.