Symptoms of sickness show up in the body.
Pain, discomfort, a limb that is shoddy.
Do not simply ignore what you feel.
A symptom’s not the thing you must heal.

Something inside is out of whack.
Time to get back on track.
Seek balance in your day.
Match your work with play.

You do so much running about…
Can there be much doubt?
You need to take the time to rest.
Your spirit always knows the best.

The body is the last to show
What inside you already know.
Time to put your soul at ease.
Before the body feels dis-ease.

Set aside the stress and worry.
Don’t always be in such a hurry.
Simple advice, but did you hear it?
Do you give enough time to your spirit?

Into each day put some peace and quiet.
Be careful also with your diet.
When body and soul you do nourish.
You’ll find your life will truly flourish.