Life is a journey.
A river that flows into eternity.
This piece of it upon which you float
Is but a segment.
You never know
What lies around the next bend.
Do not pretend
You have all the answers.

Relax and drift.
Let the water carry you.
No need to thrash and flail.
You’re not a prisoner in a jail.
Your spirit’s free to fly.
No need to struggle and to try.
For it can never die.

So just go with the flow.
Then true peace you’ll finally know.
Like a leaf that floats.
Riding with the current.
At one with the motion
Like a wave – part of the ocean
Moving forward never back
Yet in reality
Not moving at all.
Simply there.
Riding up and down.
Just being.

You are here
Hold this thought near.
There’s nowhere else to go
But with the flow.