An appropriate poem today for Valentine’s Day … truly another Message of Hope…

When two hearts are joined as one
They always will be linked.
The bonds that do connect you
Can never be extinct.

For love’s a potent energy.
It’s resonance is great.
And when you share that power,
The greatest link do you create.

Death cannot divide you.
No distance is too far.
No matter if you’re here or there
Joined by love’s bond you are.

So grieve not for your loved ones
Who you think have left your side.
Their energy surrounds you –
In your heart it does reside.

To feel it concentrate your thoughts
On how you truly feel.
Recreate the love you shared
And make their presence real.

They’re there just waiting for you –
A simple loving thought away.
So hold them firmly in your heart
Until you meet again one day.