This poem flowed so quickly I could barely write fast enough. Just, “Wow.”

Build upon your knowledge base,
But put your books away.
All you need to understand
Is the willingness to pray.

All wisdom does await you.
It flows through every cell.
By quieting your busy mind
All truth is there to tell.

Your spirit is pure consciousness –
Awareness through and through.
Connected to The All That Is
Which flows through all of you.

By tapping in you forge the link,
You open up the flow.
So recognize your source of strength
Comes from this inner glow.

From this Source flows wisdom,
All Truth as well as Love.
It permeates all that exists…
“As below” just “as above.”

Recognize your Godliness.
Know this truth within your heart.
There’s nothing that exists in life
Of which you’re not a part.